‘Ronaldo’ thirsts for UCLA to bid farewell to ‘Ghost’ if he finds the right team

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Experienced striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked with leaving Manchester United to play in the Champions League next season. Citing a satisfactory offer this summer for the club.

The Times the famous media Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly  hoping to leave Old Trafford this summer. If the UFABET club receives an attractive offer from another club in the coming weeks As a result. The future of the 37-year-old star is in an uncertain situation again. 

'Ronaldo' thirsts for UCLA to bid farewell to 'Ghost' if he finds the right team

The Red Devils finished sixth in the English Premier League table. Could not win the quota to play in the UEFA Champions League. Causing the Portuguese national team captain to bid farewell to the theater of dreams. Because he has the desire to play in Europe’s biggest cup. Throughout the career of football That is expected to remain about 3-4 years in the game at the highest level.

The Foi Thong shooting star moved from Sporting Lisbon in his hometown team since 2003. It has played in the Champions League for 19 years without ever playing in the Europa League. He is trying to find a way to join a new club. Super agent George Mendes having spoken with Chelsea owner Todd Boleigh, although no offers have been made from the team. Footballers of London

There are also Bayern Munich, the Beer City League champions and Roma, a team from Dan Macaroni . Was in the news with the News as well, but the report states that The Portuguese star is still attached to and respects the Red Devils followers  as before, but the request to transfer the team is mainly for sporting reasons, including family matters. 

The rest period for the former Real Madrid and Juventus player is coming to an end. And he is coming to collect pre-season training with United under the supervision of a new team manager Eric Ten Hag on Monday, July 4, which the Dutch trainer. still confirm that This door smasher Still in his plans for the new season to come, but in the end will the player stay with the team or not? It is still a matter for the Red Devils disciples to continue to win.