If you want to burn fat well, follow these 5 exercise methods. Let me tell you that it burns and works.

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Any girl who wants her body to get a good metabolism And can know the number of calories burned from exercising in just 1 hour, let me tell you that you should not miss it. Because today we have taken a way to exercise that helps in good and efficient metabolism. along with the number of calories being burned Let’s share so that we can try to follow UFABET each other.

If you want to burn fat well, follow these 5 exercise methods. Let me tell you that it burns and works.

1. Jumping rope 120 times / 1 minute
Jumping rope 120 times per minute contributes to burning a lot of calories. Because jumping rope is considered the most effective cardio exercise. due to having to exert a lot Importantly, the arms and shoulders are still moving all the time. However, jumping rope 120 times per minute by jumping for 1 hour can help burn fat up to 667-990 kilocalories.

2. Run 1.6 kilometers / 10 minutes
Running is an exercise that helps stimulate the body to burn continuously. and also contributes to reducing body proportions, be it thighs, buttocks or hips Running at 1.6 kilometers per minute By running for 1 hour, it helps burn fat up to 566-839 kilocalories.

3. Up and down stairs 77 steps / 1 minute
Walking up and down stairs is also an exercise that helps burn a lot of calories. Because when girls Walking up and down the stairs at about 77 steps per minute, taking 1 hour of walking up and down will burn about 452-670 kilocalories of fat.

4. Do high-intensity kettlebell exercises.
Kettlebells are known to many people as exercise equipment that help strengthen muscles. which when girls Exercising the body with this equipment for 1 hour will help the body burn fat up to 554-822 kcal.

5. Kickboxing
Exercise with kickboxing. Helps the body burn both during exercise and after exercise. The amount of calories burned from exercising with kickboxing for 1 hour is approximately 582-864 kcal.

In addition to all 5 types of exercise that we have introduced to women. To be adapted for a good metabolism. There is still exercise by riding a stationary bike. power yoga Exercise with a rowing machine or exercising with an elliptical walking machine It is also an interesting form of exercise. Anyway, girls, don’t forget to apply it. so that the body can burn a lot of fat