Baccarat money walk formula with a fixed ratio and consistent profit

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  Baccarat money walk formula with a fixed ratio and consistent profit. That said among Baccarat money walk formula Many formulas. Most if not focusing on extreme profits with maximum risk. It will be a little play eat collect little by little. The mood is chilling low risk. But if you sit for a long time. You’ll get in the way. Online casinos follow another House Edge formula. Today I have another formula to present. A Baccarat formula that uses a fixed rate. Can play very fast down a lot. Get a lot according to the proportion But how is it used, let’s see.

What is Baccarat Fixed Ratio Formula?

Talking about the ratio, it is to divide it into %, which its principle is simple, that is, we take the money that is available for playing baccarat and then divide it into pieces to determine how many percentages each lump is worth. of total capital Similar to the division of investment units that originally we will see how many rounds we want to play. Then divide the number of rounds to get the value of the investment units.

For example, today I have 1,000 baht and it’s very empty, so I think I’ll divide the money here into each unit. Let each unit be worth 5%, meaning that from the money I have, I can divide the investment units by 50 baht per unit (1,000 x 0.05).

but the heart of Baccarat money walk formula Fixed rates are not just investment units. It also covers profits. We will specify that we will adjust the new investment units only when playing with a profit of 20%. For example, I now have 1,000 baht. I will adjust the investment again only when I get a profit of 200 baht, or that is when I have money. It’s 1,200 baht in your hand.

As soon as I play until I have 1,200 baht in my pocket, I will adjust the new investment units by taking 1,200 x 0.05 = 60 baht. This is the value of the new investment units that I got. Then my profit target in this round will be 240 baht (20% of 1,200 baht). Keep doing this.

What if the UFABET game is broken? Use the same principle For example, from the money we have 1000 baht, we may determine that if we lose 20% or have 800 baht left, stop and adjust the new investment units as when we play and get a profit of 20% back.