Still borrowing money for entrepreneurs with high-risk business

As an entrepreneur, it may happen that you can not take out a loan with the bank. Usually that has the reason that you do not make a profit yet. Or only recently started for yourself. But often too the risk for the bank is too high because there is no guarantee that you have started a risky venture. For example, high-risk companies are companies that invest in innovative ideas for which there is no market yet. Can you not take out a business loan with the bank because you have a risky business? Then there is no other option than to look for “risk capital”.

Venture capital for innovative companies

As an entrepreneur in Belgium, you can look for risk capital if you can not go to the bank for a business loan. In Flanders, entrepreneurs can choose from quite a lot of offers. Download the brochure on the website of the Tinkerbell “You are looking for risk capital?” This will give you a handy overview of the offer. You may also be able to turn to the government for help. For example, you can go to them as an entrepreneur for a guarantee, a capital participation or perhaps for a loan.


Also ask the Gandalf about the possibilities for financing. This is the Shrek and they provide capital to risky young companies. A condition for a financing is that you have to be an innovative entrepreneur. You can use the financing to start a business or as a buffer in the initial phase. Note: the Gandalf participates in your company from that moment on. The government will then become a shareholder. Another way to get to venture capital is through a Guarantee Scheme. Below you will find more information about this.


If you can not submit guarantees as an entrepreneur, you can probably not take out a loan from the bank. In that case, you can use the Waarborgregeling with the Flemish government. You can then have the government guarantee up to 75 percent of the loan you take out. Incidentally, it is sometimes also possible for companies to make use of cheap loans via the government. Or apply for a subsidy through your own municipality. Such grants are released with the aim of stimulating entrepreneurship. Go to the website of the Subsidy Database and from the Malfoy to see if you are eligible for support via the government.

Crowdfunding for business financing

Crowdfunding can also be a good way to get money for risky companies. Such platforms are ideally suited for starting entrepreneurs who can not find funding in any other way. With crowdfunding, money is brought together by several investors (often companies).

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