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Even retirees may need liquidity to meet their economic needs. A sudden expense, an operation, the purchase of a new appliance: for every need there is a loan for the elderly.

Loans for pensioners are numerous and can be chosen directly online, for a faster comparison and to obtain personalized estimates without commitment, before proceeding with the choice of the loan. Loans to pensioners are loans that are designed for those who have an income guarantee such as a pension, against which banks usually grant loans without too many problems.

Types of loans for online pensioners

Types of loans for online pensioners

The most common forms of loans for online seniors are the non-finalized personal loan and the retirement loan. Let’s look at both of them.

  • Personal loan not finalized. It consists of a type of financing that can also be made online and designed for retirees: it is not finalized, so it is not necessary to justify why, if it is requested, it is generally granted to retirees with a maximum of 80 years. This is often a fast loan, which is paid within 24 hours by bank transfer or a bank transfer, and is repayable by means of monthly fixed-rate installments. There are so many offers for online pensioners loans that can be found directly on the web.
  • The loan with the fifth assignment is increasingly common among pensioners. It consists of a loan that provides for an installment that must not exceed a maximum of 20% (the fifth, in fact) of the net pension. In general, banks tend to grant this type of loan without too much difficulty, based on the assumption that since the pensioner does not repay the installment, but the installment directly debited by the pension institution on the pension slip, there is no risk of default. In general, this type of loan is also granted to bad payers and protesters. Before signing this loan, you must also sign a life insurance cover in the event of death, which is usually spread over the installments. In general, the salary assignment is paid to pensioners and some institutions also grant it to the elderly as long as the term of the loan is within the 90th birthday. The duration of the loan can change from 24 months to 120 months. There are many banks that offer this opportunity: among them we mention the services Loan for Pensioners of Crediter, Inps Pensioner of Zaloan, Loan of Pension Oneloan.
Loan for the self-employed without proof of income Thu, 23 May 2019 16:18:48 +0000

Self-employed loan seekers are not welcome as customers at every bank because their income is subject to fluctuations and is also determined by them. As proof of income can serve self-employed balance sheets and the BWA as well as tax assessments. However, these contain no information about the regular monthly, but only data on the annual income. In some businesses, self-employed workers earn most of their income in a few months. This not only applies to the Christmas business of the toy industry and the summer or winter travel business in tourism. A loan for self-employed persons without proof of income is possible, whereby a distinction must be made between the business and the private cause of the borrowing.

Borrowing for the self-employed without proof of income for business purposes

Borrowing for the self-employed without proof of income for business purposes

It is not uncommon for banks to lend to self-employed persons without proof of income for business purposes. Instead, this approach is common if the money raised serves to finance a well-defined investment. In this case, the lender is less interested in the current income of the self-employed person or the current operating profit than in what future proceeds can be achieved thanks to the investment. In the start-up phase and for individual investment projects recognized as worthy of promotion, the development loan from KfW Bank is an ideal solution. Depending on the program, the development bank grants corporate loans without proof of income at reduced interest rates and additionally offers a largely variable repayment, the start of which will only take a few years. Similar support programs have been set up by regional Volksbanks and savings banks, whose statutes expressly call the promotion of the local economy a task.

Bank borrowing for self-employed persons without proof of income for private purposes

Bank borrowing for self-employed persons without proof of income for private purposes

For most financial institutions, the disposition limit on the personal checking account represents a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income. To obtain this, self-employed persons do not deduct the cash to be booked as a private withdrawal from the business account but transfer it from there to their private checking account. As a rule, the bank that owns the private account considers these transfers to be full cash inflows. On the other hand, private income can not be described as proof of income or profit, since the self-employed can deduct higher or lower amounts than the actual operating profit. Credit cards are also available to the self-employed partly without proof of income, since an increasing number of issuers at reissues only the indication of the monthly income, but no evidence required. The prerequisite for this procedure is usually that the self-employed person complies with the standard availability framework. As a rule, the issuer will solicit the demand for proof of income as soon as the cardholder requests an increase in the card limit. An installment loan can also be taken out as a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income, if the applicant decides on a suitably advertised instant loan. The real reason for waiving the submission of proof of income by the self-employed loan applicant is that the promised short processing time does not permit a thorough examination of the documents normally required. The lender asks for the instant loan basically the monthly income. Self-employed people can, of course, average their monthly earnings by calculating one-twelfth of their annual earnings. However, when planning loan repayments, be aware that the rate will be the same every month and, if possible, opt for a long term, as this will lead to low monthly payments. Before filing the loan application, self-employed people look for whether the bank’s Public Procurement Directives exclude them as lending customers. An unsuccessful loan application does not only cause an avoidable expenditure of time for the self-employed, but also leads to a worsening of the private credit score. In some cases, self-employed bankers who are in principle bankers are willing to award a loan taken out jointly with a co-applicant.

Alternatives to bank loans for the self-employed without proof of income

Alternatives to bank loans for the self-employed without proof of income

Suppliers or mail order companies often grant installment payments as a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income for both business and private orders. For privately arranged order transactions usually does not even the demand for the employment status. For any purpose a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income can be taken up via a platform for private credit mediation. The loan request for a self-employed person contains complete information about the purpose and the income situation of the borrower. A self-employed person’s loan without proof of income is also available for business use. The prerequisite is that the loan seeker in the loan request indicates the planned operational use of funds. However, it can also be observed that the platform members registered as lenders are more likely to draw a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income for private purposes than for business use. The fact that private borrowing by self-employed banks is difficult, is considered as an argument for drawing corresponding loan requests for social reasons.


Loan for trainees without guarantor without private credit Wed, 22 May 2019 16:22:04 +0000

If you are young, in the midst of education and want to enjoy life to the fullest despite a relatively low income, it can be expensive. Certainly, there are those who consider each purchase or venture, the cost of cash, in the run carefully and turn every two euros twice.

Then again, there are those apprentices who are rather careless about their future and spend the money they earn during their training month by month with full hands. Moreover, they do not even shy away from doing a bigger purchase here and there, like a car, a vacation or a cheap apartment.

Over time, the available finance then no longer sufficient, so that raises the question of how far a loan for trainees without guarantor without private credit could be helpful. In fact, debt is a highly promising solution in many situations. But when it comes to providing a loan for trainees without a guarantor without private credit, the whole thing must be well thought-out right from the start.

A loan for trainees without guarantors without private credit – always the optimal solution

A loan for trainees without guarantors without private credit - always the optimal solution

A loan for non-private credit trainees without a private credit in any way helps to plug a possible existing financial hole and to enable the young people to finance certain things on the one hand, but also to fulfill other possible financial obligations. However, because the financial expenses that can be associated with a loan for trainees without guarantors without private credit, depending on the offer or depending on the bank or lending institution can sometimes differ significantly from each other, it is advisable in any case, in advance Separate chaff from the wheat and opt for the most reasonable or most cost-effective offer.

In this regard, interest and administrative costs should be taken into account, but also the repayment costs, the flexibility of the terms and so on. However, it should be noted in this regard that the number of these loans is not particularly high, since the potential lenders themselves are primarily concerned with collateral.

A loan for apprentices without guarantors without private credit wants to be well thought out

A loan for apprentices without guarantors without private credit wants to be well thought out

However, experience has shown that young people still in education do not always have sufficient security, such as a car, a house etcetera. To ask a guarantor, for example, friends, acquaintances or family members is indeed an adequate method. However, it is also true that by no means everyone you ask is actually willing to act as a guarantor.

The possibility that a trainee may sooner or later not be able to pay back the installments for a loan application is well established. In such a situation, the guarantor is immediately “brought on board” against the background of covering the costs incurred in this way. And just this is not many people willing, so that raises the question of how a loan for trainees without guarantors without private credit could even realize.

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to loans for trainees

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to loans for trainees

Under certain circumstances, it would be a relatively easy undertaking to find a student loan if a guarantor who does not also have possible private credit entries is available. If said guarantor fulfills the usual conditions for a loan with regard to the respective age, a regular, fixed income, a fixed employment contract and a good credit rating, there is virtually nothing in the way of a loan for trainees without guarantors without private credit. But what to do if it is not possible to find such a guarantor? Good advice can be literally expensive, and there are plenty of alternatives on the market.

A promising option as an alternative to the loan for trainees without guarantors without private credit would be, among other things, a private credit-free loan or a so-called Swiss loan. However, it is worthwhile to look behind the scenes here with eagle eye eyes, because in this context “stumbling blocks” or costly risks can often be expected. In addition, it is not always easy to find out which companies you are actually dealing with, because management is often located abroad. In case of potential problems, it is difficult to find the right contact person and clarify the situation.

Car loan despite training Mon, 06 May 2019 16:09:18 +0000


Young people who have just obtained their driving license usually want to own a car as well. Therefore, the desire is not uncommon to have a car loan during the training. Although the credit market provides special credit opportunities for young people, getting a car loan despite training is not always easy. The low income level can quickly become a hurdle. In addition, the time limit on the training relationship is often a problem.

Possible difficulties

Possible difficulties

The lenders see good future prospects in the trainees. After all, they are the skilled workers of tomorrow. These prospects encourage some credit institutions to grant smaller loans, such as a dispo. However, despite training, there are often difficulties with a car loan. A common problem is the low income, although it is usually assumed that the trainee still lives at home and thus enjoys benefits. The expenses of the trainee can often be reduced by rent and additional costs. But that is often not enough for the lenders. A permanent installment payment ability they do not see guaranteed. In addition, the time limit of the training contract is a problem, because after the final exam has ended, the contract ends. The unemployment benefit would be correspondingly low.

possible solutions

The easiest way to get a car loan despite training is the guarantee from the parents. This gives the desire for a car loan a second foothold, which lenders often accept. In addition to the vehicle letter from the vehicle, they also have the certainty that their parents will have to pay the outstanding installments in an emergency. If the parents agree with the guarantee, a credit comparison should be made in order to obtain the best possible conditions. A small loan is usually sufficient, since the first car is often a used car. This is granted relatively quickly.

Without guarantee to car loan

Without guarantee to car loan

It is possible to get a car loan despite training without a guarantor. This is possible through a private loan. But you should first calculate exactly how high the monthly rate may be. Furthermore, it is advisable to save a down payment in advance.

SME loans to CHF 500,000 Thu, 02 May 2019 02:47:38 +0000

On 5 July 2017, the Federal Council adopted an amendment to the Banking Ordinance. Crowdlending companies are making life a lot easier for us. But which changes came into force on 1 August 2017?

1. Extension of the 7 day rule to 60 days

1. Extension of the 7 day rule to 60 days

So far, it was only possible for us for 7 days to keep funds in the account. This value has been defined by the Swiss regulator Financialor as a legal practice. After this period, the money had to be paid again. So far, it has been a challenge to get the money at the right time in order to be able to pay off in time, for example in connection with the statutory right of withdrawal according to the Consumer Credit Act (KKG).

From the 1st of August the money can now be kept for 60 days. This greatly simplifies for us the processing of payments and the corresponding deadlines. In addition, we see new business opportunities for us and the whole industry through the new longer term. We will gladly inform you about innovations at the given time.

2. Repeal of the 20s rule

2. Repeal of the 20s rule

In the future, a loan of up to one million CHF may be co-financed without authorization by more than 20 investors. Previously, a borrower was considered a bank when exceeding the 20s rule and had to fulfill a license requirement.

The larger split of the amounts, which corresponds to the actual Crowd thought, now higher funding amounts are realistic. Previously larger amounts, which are very difficult to finance because of the high minimum investments, can now be divided into much smaller amounts. This in turn increases the likelihood of funding and allows investors to diversify even more.
Svengali has already reacted and raised the maximum amount for SME loans to CHF 500,000. Further measures will follow shortly.
Svengali welcomes the changes and we are very pleased that the processes are simplifying and new business models are possible.

Online same day payday loans -Where to get a same day payday loan online? Mon, 15 Apr 2019 14:34:21 +0000 Where to get a same day payday loan online?

Superb Bank is rightfully considered the largest bank in Russia. The credit institution is trusted by hundreds of thousands of small businesses. The bank offers several profitable lending programs. Here, small business representatives can receive a loan for various needs (for development, expansion, reconstruction, replenishment of working capital, liquidation of the cash gap, etc.) under collateral, without collateral, with a guarantee and other options.

We at offers favorable same day payday loan online terms and guarantees an individual solution for each client.


Superb Bank serves hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and businessmen. You can open a current account in a bank, deposit available funds on a deposit account, and also issue a letter of credit, a guarantee, a loan.

In other words, the bank offers a full range of services to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Special attention deserves credit programs in Superb Bank.

They offer loans here:

  • up to – 3,000,000 – 17,000,000 rubles ;
  • for the period – up to 1 – 10 years;
  • at the rate of 12.98-19.00% per year.

Moreover, Superb Bank does not charge a fee for processing a loan, as well as for early repayment.

Ways of registration

A loan for a small business consists of several stages:

  • initial consultation or online application;
  • consultation with the loan officer who will conduct the transaction (issues related to credit conditions, requirements, list of documents, etc.);
  • collection of documents and their submission to the bank;
  • waiting for a decision (usually does not exceed three days);
  • preparation of documentation, signing a loan agreement;
  • receiving money on the current account.

Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

The table shows current offers with standard credit terms for small businesses in Superb Bank:

Credit program Amount Rate Period Availability of bail / surety
Express Mortgage Up to 7,000,000 From 16.5% Up to 10 years The guarantee of an individual, the pledge of acquired real estate
Express bail 3,000,000 – 7,000,000 16-23% 6-36 months Surety
The trust 3,000,000 From 19.0% Up to 3 years
Business Trust From 18.98% Up to 4 years
Business Turnover From 150,000 From 14.8% Pledge, guarantee or guarantee
Business Overdraft Up to 17,000,000 From 12.98% Up to 12 months Surety

Business start

Business start 

Until recently, Superb Bank offered an excellent business start credit program. This loan was intended for aspiring businessmen who only want to start their own business.

According to the program, a novice businessman provided a business plan and the necessary documents, after studying which, Superb Bank offered favorable credit terms:

  • amount – up to 3,000,000 rubles ;
  • period – up to 42 months;
  • rate – 17.5-18.5% per year;
  • pledge – acquired property for business.

To date, the program is suspended.

Superb Bank business loan from scratch

Superb <a href=

Superb Bank can receive a loan for opening and running a business from scratch, only as an individual.

The bank offers various options for lending to individuals: consumer loans, loans secured by property.

Such loans can be arranged for various needs, including the opening of your own business.

Do you want to know what an operational car lease is, under what conditions it is and at what level are interest rates located? Then you just need to read it.

If you are looking for information on international financial leasing, we advise you to click on the proposed link and get acquainted with the materials.

Without collateral

Without collateral

For business, Superb Bank offers several loan program options without providing collateral or a guarantee:

  1. “Trust” – a loan can be drawn up for any purpose, the provision of collateral is not required. The loan period is no more than 3 years, the rate is from 19.0% per year, the amount is up to 3,000,000 rubles.The term for making a decision is no more than three days. An additional advantage of this transaction is the absence of commissions.
  2. “Business Trust” is a loan that allows you to finance business needs without providing collateral. But a loan must be guaranteed.There are no loan commissions, the loan period is extended to 4 years, the amount reaches 3,000,000 rubles, the rate is from 18.98% per year.



The bank does not stand in one place and constantly introduces new technologies. Today, business representatives can submit an initial application for an online loan issue. To do this, you must fill out a special form on the official website.

As for further actions to apply for a loan, representatives of a legal entity need to collect the package of documents requested by the bank and submit it to the bank personally.

After the bank has processed the application, it is necessary for authorized persons to sign the loan agreement and other documents accompanying the transaction.

Package of documents

Package of documents&nbsp;

Superb Bank to consider the issue of granting a loan to a small business requires the following list of documents:

  • application form;
  • passport of an individual entrepreneur/founders of a legal entity;
  • constituent and registration documents;
  • documents related to economic, economic, financial, legal activities.

A more detailed list that needs to be prepared can be found here.

Interest rates

Interest rates&nbsp;

Interest rates on loans to small businesses as well as other parameters of the transaction depend on the chosen program.

Minimum rates – from 12.98-19% per year. But these figures are basic, the bank will be able to report the final loan rates only after studying the financial condition of the company.

Requirements for the borrower

Requirements for the borrower&nbsp;

Superb Bank does not make too strict and impracticable requirements for its borrowers.

The main requirements for customers are as follows:

  • credit programs for small businesses are available only to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities whose annual revenue does not exceed 60,000,000 rubles ;
  • the period of doing business is from 3 to 24 months (the period depends on the credit program);
  • the presence of a current account in the department to which the potential borrower applied.

Maximum and minimum amounts

Maximum and minimum amounts&nbsp;

Limits on credit programs are set for each client individually, depending on their solvency.

The basic numbers in the loan programs are as follows:

  • minimum – from 150,000 rubles ;
  • the maximum is 17,000,000 rubles (overdraft).



The period of lending to small businesses depends on the program for which the company claims, as well as on its financial condition.

The terms vary from 1 year (overdrafts) to 10 years (loans for real estate).

Development loans, urgent needs of the enterprise usually do not exceed 3-4 years.

Superb Bank also focuses on the fact that it does not charge a fee for early repayment of loans.

How to repay?

How to repay?

The loan is repaid by a legal entity or entrepreneur in a standard non-cash way: from its current account to a loan (credit) account, which the bank opens in the name of the client on the day of crediting.

Payment of the loan is made monthly according to the repayment schedule attached to the loan agreement.

There are also non-standard repayment schemes, taking into account the conduct of business (several times a month, quarterly, with a delay in the payment of principal, etc.).

Do you want to know what are the conditions for real estate leaseback for individuals? Information is presented by reference.

How to take special equipment in leasing to individuals, learn here.

And to find out what constitutes real estate leasing for legal entities without a down payment, please click here.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of cooperation with Superb Bank are obvious to many regular and new customers of a credit institution, among the main ones:

  • many loan programs;
  • individual solution for each borrower;
  • optimal terms of studying the documentation of customers and making decisions on the amount, terms and other conditions of lending;
  • the possibility of lending without providing liquid collateral and surety;
  • obtaining a loan for any purpose and needs of the enterprise.

As for shortcomings, it is important to understand that it is impossible to get into the lending programs for small businesses, who only plan to open their own business.

The bank lends on small business programs only to legal entities and entrepreneurs whose work period is at least 3-24 months (depending on the credit program and business specifics), and there are also positive financial indicators (turnover on current accounts, profit, etc.).

Where to get a business loan | Assistance in the selection of financial services Wed, 27 Mar 2019 12:03:32 +0000

When the family council firmly decided to take a loan, you need to decide where to get a loan on the most favorable terms. The question is not easy, since the conditions for obtaining loans in banks are very different and at first glance it is very difficult to make the right decision. Let’s try to help solve the difficult problem of where to get a loan on favorable terms. And also we will tell about that who will help to take the favorable credit in bank.

What do large banks offer?

What do large banks offer?

First of all, you need to understand that the larger the bank, the more options offered favorable loans.

Credit market leaders make a profit by entering into a large number of contracts. That is why the size of commissions, interest on loans from such banks will be less than that of small competitors.

In addition, a large bank has another advantage. It is noticed from experience that large credit organizations impose softer requirements on clients. For example, this may be expressed in the absence of a requirement to pay the first installment in a large amount for the purchase of immovable property of a house or apartment. And while the interest rate remains at the same level. It is necessary to take advantage of this, and deciding where to get a loan to apply to a large bank.

How to find specialty banks

How to find specialty banks

You should also pay attention to banks with specialization, and implementing special programs. For example, there are mortgage banks for which this type of lending is the main source of profit. Therefore, to increase turnover, attract new customers, such banks try to minimize the requirements in order to be the most attractive among competitors. One of the mortgage banks refused to compulsory conditions to insure the life of the borrower at the conclusion of the loan agreement. At first glance, this is not important, but the amount saved is substantial for the entire duration of the contract.

Although experts believe that life insurance at the conclusion of a loan agreement is useful for the borrower, since we do not know when our life will end, and having insured ourselves, we will prevent problems from our relatives in the event of their death. Such a move would make the mortgage safer.

Young banks often offer favorable terms

Young banks often offer favorable terms

Young banks also have their advantages, which should be taken into account when choosing a bank where you can get a loan. In order to enter the market and be worthy of competitors in the lending market, the young bank tries to provide the most attractive conditions for its customers. Therefore, deciding where to get a loan you need to look at the conditions offered by the new banks.

Promotions and advertising companies of banks

Promotions and advertising companies of banks

Today, even banking institutions cannot do without advertising and stocks. When holding such events, the bank draws the attention of customers to various kinds of bonuses, benefits and unique offers. They do not last long and are very attractive. In most cases, it is worth taking advantage of the loan offer on the most favorable terms. By reducing interest rates by providing loan benefits, the bank increases profits by increasing the number of customers.

Try to find out where you can take part in such an action and get a favorable loan. The benefit may consist in the reduction or abolition of all sorts of fees for issuing a loan and issuing cash. Or a reduced interest rate on the loan, the cancellation of insurance.
Or various kinds of gifts, such as a credit card with a good limit as a gift.

Who can help find where to get the most profitable loan

It is obvious that until the end to figure out where it is most profitable to get a loan from several dozen banks, perhaps, only by putting a lot of effort and time. Very often, a business person does not have these resources. In this case, our site will help you. On our site you can choose the most favorable conditions for loans, credit cards or microloans.
Our specialists carry out special studies of the credit market, which allow you to determine which credit conditions will be the most optimal for you specifically. Thus, you have a real opportunity to take a loan on very favorable terms with a reduced interest rate or no commission for issuing a loan in cash.

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Crowdlending – Finance a loan Tue, 26 Feb 2019 03:42:04 +0000

Crowdlending also called peer-to-peer lending is a relatively new form of lending. Peer-to-peer is originally an IT term and describes a communication model in which each party has the same rights and opportunities. Above all, peer-to-peer applications such as Samlers and Knowes are known, which allow members to directly access each other’s data.

financial peer-to-peer

financial peer-to-peer

The term peer comes from English and means equal or equal. This has been implemented in financial peer-to-peer models, such as crowdlending. In its original form, a platform provides a loan between the lender and the borrower without being a credit party. In this case, the parties are equal and the lender receives the installments paid by the debtor with interest via the crowd lending platform. There is usually a 1 to 1 relationship between the borrower and the lenders. Several lenders (the so-called crowd) finance a loan, which in turn is then paid out to the debtor.

The platform only acts as administrator and as paying agent and receives a commission for this. The model does not provide for the formation of the loan agreement any bank or a conventional credit institution. Since such conventional providers mainly live with the interest differential business in the loans, ie finance cheap and borrow expensive money, the interest rates for both credit partners are usually relatively poor for such providers.

Since the crowdlending business is financed solely by platform fees, the terms are more favorable for both credit partners than for a conventional provider. In this model, the bank only has the role of the account-holding institution through which the cash flows are settled.

In Switzerland, crowd lending is still in its infancy. Due to the many advantages, this is in our view a model in which a second look is worthwhile. More information can be found on our page .

Still borrowing money for entrepreneurs with high-risk business Fri, 15 Feb 2019 21:02:23 +0000 As an entrepreneur, it may happen that you can not take out a loan with the bank. Usually that has the reason that you do not make a profit yet. Or only recently started for yourself. But often too the risk for the bank is too high because there is no guarantee that you have started a risky venture. For example, high-risk companies are companies that invest in innovative ideas for which there is no market yet. Can you not take out a business loan with the bank because you have a risky business? Then there is no other option than to look for “risk capital”.

Venture capital for innovative companies

As an entrepreneur in Belgium, you can look for risk capital if you can not go to the bank for a business loan. In Flanders, entrepreneurs can choose from quite a lot of offers. Download the brochure on the website of the Tinkerbell “You are looking for risk capital?” This will give you a handy overview of the offer. You may also be able to turn to the government for help. For example, you can go to them as an entrepreneur for a guarantee, a capital participation or perhaps for a loan.


Also ask the Gandalf about the possibilities for financing. This is the Shrek and they provide capital to risky young companies. A condition for a financing is that you have to be an innovative entrepreneur. You can use the financing to start a business or as a buffer in the initial phase. Note: the Gandalf participates in your company from that moment on. The government will then become a shareholder. Another way to get to venture capital is through a Guarantee Scheme. Below you will find more information about this.


If you can not submit guarantees as an entrepreneur, you can probably not take out a loan from the bank. In that case, you can use the Waarborgregeling with the Flemish government. You can then have the government guarantee up to 75 percent of the loan you take out. Incidentally, it is sometimes also possible for companies to make use of cheap loans via the government. Or apply for a subsidy through your own municipality. Such grants are released with the aim of stimulating entrepreneurship. Go to the website of the Subsidy Database and from the Malfoy to see if you are eligible for support via the government.

Crowdfunding for business financing

Crowdfunding can also be a good way to get money for risky companies. Such platforms are ideally suited for starting entrepreneurs who can not find funding in any other way. With crowdfunding, money is brought together by several investors (often companies).

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